I just got the Tascam US-1800 and it seems to be a great device, just I've encountered a slight problem. When I go to select my recording input in my DAW (Sonar Cakewalk), only the odd-numbered inputs show up. Right now it's set to ASIO and everything works fine with my Toneport on this setting. Perhaps I need to change it to WDM/KS but from experience that mode is laggy. If you know what could fix this, please let me know! Also, I have a lot of quarter inch mic cables. Will those work with this device or not because of the phantom switch only powering the XLR inputs? Thanks!
I have the US-2000, but I'm ready for a better mixer.

No problems here and using Cubase. 1/4" are only good on the back of your 1800, and then only for the line outs and monitors. The mics all need XLR cables. The 2000 has a pair of TRS 1/4" on the front which will accept mic/inst.
Thanks! Do you have it set to ASIO or WDM/KS in Cubase? I just set mine to WDM/KS and it seems to be working now but I don't know much at all about either setting.
I use ASIO on mine and have never had a problem with channels not showing up. I wonder if it's a problem with Cakewalk? I guess they didn't bundle the 1800 with software. Every once in awhile, mine gets a little flakey... Cubase won't show an audio signal during recording, or playback is totally dead. Cycling power to the 2000 or restarting Cubase has always fixed the issue.

BTW, I like my 2000 and have had it for almost 2 years, but I'm ready for something with a little more control and better metering. It drives me crazy having to set gain on the 2000 and also setting gain in Cubase. I'm looking at trading up for a PreSonus 16.4.2.
That Presonus looks mad... but you know what still catches my eye, is the Mackie Onyx 1640i.
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