So, I'm learning a song and i just can't get that exact timing down. I try to play it with the track but I end up focusing on one of the either guitar or track. How do I go about accurately learning a song with very well timing. I have the ability to play it as fast as the track.

If you need to know for some reason, here is the song I'm trying to perfect and make a cover of. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kynUSL8fr_4

try using a programme like transcribe to slow the song down then play along.
build it slowly starting from 60 bpms with a metronome. There's one from korg that makes you
cut the quarters in sixteenth notes.
Every quarter note can be cut in 4 sixteenth notes, right?
Slow down the song with a software like amazing slow downer and learn to play the song perfectly at very slow tempos. Build from that on, and you'll have it.

That's how I learned to play Fear Factory self bias resistor.


Spend at least a couple of hours a day in building speed.


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A good course for guitar beginners/intermediates I bought years ago :

My covers on youtube: