I don't know how much it would cost to fix that, but why not just find one without a crack in it? Wilshires are cheap.
Maybe 100 bucks to fix that? I read somewhere that some dude had his fixed for about 100 bucks and it was a very similar if not worse crack than that.
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Not worth it on a guitar that cheap.

+1 You'd end up spending as much to repair it as you did on the guitar
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Couldn't you just fix it yourself?


Am I missing something that makes cracked necks so scary? They seem like a simple fix to me.

+1. I fixed my Ibanez neck on my own with no tutorial. The headstock was completely cracked off, as in it wasn't even connected to the neck anymore.

Put some elmers wood glue in there, slid the headstock back into place, and clamped it. Sanded the excess clue off, and voila, good as new.
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hmmm would hope this guitar isn't always hanging on a hook and it was only hanging for pic's. Don't stress the neck anymore with a crack like that DO NOT HANG IT IN THE AIR! I don't know what these are worth but even so a guitar hanging with a neck looking like that shouldn't be hanging at all. No matter the worth of guitar unless it's not going to be fixed. But it's just my opinion