Recently, when I have been turning on my amplifier, a Marshall tsl100, for the first 20 seconds or so there is a static-like noise coming from the amp. What could this be? I am almost certain it is not the tubes as I did a full retube a few weeks ago and they have less than 3 hours of play time on them. Should I worry about this, and if so, how can I fix it?
mayhap a cap going bad. i wouldn't really worry about it too much unless the problem starts getting worse (but problems like that tend to get worse).
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Anything through the effects loop?
Do you turn straight on or leave on standby first? If the latter how long for?
What condition are your leads in?
Is it a combo or hear? If the latter are you using speaker or instrument cable and to what cab?

A few things to consider in addition to the questions above - gives us a far better chance of figuring out possible contingencies...
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Nothing is in the effects loop, I warm it up for two minutes, leads are in good condition, it is a head going into a Marshall 1960 lead cab.
Take it to a reputable tech - sounds like a cap... If the noise is in anyway microphonic there could be a tube problem. It should only need about 30 seconds to get to operating temperature. There may be a dry solder joint in there, something not entirely unheard of in Marshall's.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
Sorry for bumping this thread as it is a few days old, but I thought it would be better than starting a new one on the same subject. It only happens when I have the VPR(virtual power reduction) engaged. If you are not familiar with the amplifier, this brings it from 100 watts to 25 watts.