Hello! so I am basically looking for some tips and tricks to recording or editing guitar. I am using all computer software to get my tone, and i'm just looking to see if there are any important things i might want to have to create better guitar tone. specifically high gain tone, or basically metal. I can provide examples of band that i particularly like the guitar tone of, but basically just tell me what i need. so far I really just am using an amp head vst, an impulse vst, a noise gate, compressor, and sometimes an EQ if i feel so inclined. might there be anything else that would make a noticeable difference? or certain techniques in using all of these together that i might not have thought of. thank you in advance!
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always use an eq to get the sound to fit. also try recording clean and monitering with distortion so u can adjust your amp after recording. these 2 things will help a lot.

what amp sim u using?