Check out my band Brimstone Blondes! I'm just going to generalize us as being an 'indie/alternative/garage rock' band, though our sound sort of varies from song to song.

Anyways, we recently played a gig (fundraiser set up by a friend.. we were the only non-metal band playing..) and were able to get a recording of our set.

I decided UG could be a good place to get some feedback on our sound, playing, or anything really. So please take a gander at this and some of the other videos!

This song it called 'Get Yourself Together', skip to 1:20 (recording started early) for the song and I suggest watching it in HD Thanks in advance!

Oh and also, I play bass, I usually do back up vocals up there wasnt an extra mic.. so yeah. Sorry if I sort of rambled. Opps.

Thanks for the feedback! I didn't actually expect any replies.. Well the guitarist is our singer, and he also write essentially all of the lyrics (i write some but he does a majority). We were playing in a large, gym like back room of a church, so the sound was bouncing all over, and the recording qualtity wasn't the greatest.

On the song "Lack of Faith" i feel he sang well (it was much later in the set). "Get Yourself Together" was our opener, and this was our first gig together, so i'm sure nerves got the best of the singer, he usually is pretty good.
ahh yeah I know the feeling, Im a guitarist who basically through lack of availlable singers decided to pick up singing to. I can be quite good, but also can be quite bad and a lot of the time in my first set of the night I'm not as good as I'd like to be :/ And yeah I'm not expecting great recording quality! who can really afford that anyway? what my old band did was record rehearsals, it was in a much smaller room than in gigs so we got much better results from my little crappy camera, I'd reccomend trying the same thing (may work, worth a shot) I'll check out some more of your stuff though
That'd be very appreciated! I also checked out your channel, hope you've fixed that sleeping problem haha and thanks for the suggestion, i'm hoping to find us more places to play, most likely they will be smaller, i didn't except that place to be so large and full of flat walls and a hardwood floor.
Awesome work man i really enjoyed it! keep up the good work.
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