Poll: Does the joke option help your poll?
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9 8%
24 22%
Only sometimes
12 11%
63 58%
Voters: 108.
I was thinking that almost everyone seems to add a joke option to polls. I know I've often been tempted to select "penis wrinkle" as my option when faced with the controversial moral dilemmas you pitmonkeys put forth.

I wonder if this actually produces better results with the real options, since the joke option weeds out the people who are more apt to lie/create a penis poll/etc.

Basically, you ignore the joke option and only look at the results of the real ones.

I sincerely interpret the joke option into a serious option and if it works I vote for it.

Your joke option sucks ass, man.

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Gosh dangit. YOU tricked me into using that poll..... Im watching you buddy!
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Your joke option sucks ass, man.

Then you sir, are without a soul.

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I never find the joke option funny, also it makes the poll inaccurate as far as the serious options are concerned.
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It may weed people out that would skew the results, but they're never funny to me and I just generally don't like them. Although I did almost click this one just because Star Wars.
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Since joke options are stupid the joke option in this poll is "yes". Now what, biiaatch?
I don't see how putting a completely unrelated option in a poll that people will pick because they perhaps find it humorous will result better in more accurate poll results.

Unless it somehow lures away all the people who would pick any option in the poll just for the fun of it, but that seems unlikely for most polls.
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Quote by beefcake122
I never find the joke option funny, also it makes the poll inaccurate as far as the serious options are concerned.

This guy is right. Joke options distort the accuracy of Pit polls and render the entire body of quantitative data generated thereby unreliable.

Anyways, like most things in the Pit, the joke polls are only funny about 3% of the time.
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Interesting question...
I put joke options because I don't think the poll matters very much anyway. I'm always more interested in the actual discussion so, yes, penis wrinkle.
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