Short and sweet: I have a voice I often describe as dull, poor, and annoying. So I received a huge shock when Elvis came on the radio, I started singing along, and it actually sounded good. I dug up a bunch of Elvis songs online, and it turns out I can actually sing a lot of his middle-lower range stuff.

I'm excited now, and I want to find more singers who suit my voice - Love The King, but I'd also love to find something more modern. The song in particular was Hound Dog, are there any other singers, preferably more recent than the 50's, who have a similar range to Elvis in that song?

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Hmm.. off the top of my head.. Rickey Nelson.. Check out Lonesome Town.. it was his answer to Elvis's heart break hotel if I remember the facts correctly.

It's amazing what people find when they break out of their social norm and try different things. I'm a very new singer, not even two months in my practice. I started off singing Beatles and southern 60s rock, but I started to experiment and found that I am better suited for singing stuff from Lionel Richie.. who'd ever think I'd sound like a black guy (I'm the whitest guy you know.)

I guess it makes a big difference because he's directly in my vocal range (Baritone) but I was extremely surprised when I found my best singing coming from that style of music.

Because of this find, I've asked my vocal teacher to introduce me to other forums of music as well, esp. stuff from the 30s and 40s when singing was in it's golden years.

After all the practice in the other styles of singing, my rock vocals should get better and I'll develop the technical base for all styles of music (that is the hope at least.)
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Jim Morrison has similar deep vocals. Go for that, if you like rock.