Ok, so I've searched this forum and the internet for a solution to my problem with the UG app. The problem is downloading guitar pro tabs. Maybe I just don't understand the process of using the in-app browser to do this, but it hasn't been explained clearly by anyone that I know of either so their seems to be a lack of support for it. I've tried clicking the + symbol and going to the browser, then typing in UG.com and finding a GP tab but when I click download tab it takes me to a login page for this forum. Can someone help me understand how to play GP tabs on my iPhone and iPod touch. If not I will just delete this app as it is of no use to me now.
Well, first of all, there's a subforum of the Site Feedback forum specifically dedicated to the UG app. Your answer may lie in one of the threads there.

Personally, I know nothing about the app, but I do know that on the main site you are required to be logged in to download GP tabs.
Ok, thanks for the info. I just logged in at the top right from the main site and it took me here and I looked for an appropriate thread to post this, but this is all I found. I'm new to this whole thing anyway (as if you couldn't tell ) I'm self-taught on instruments but I have used GP on my computers before.
I finally figured it out. It just took me a min because it looks different on the iPhone. Plus my eyes suck right now! Thanks.