I worked pretty hard on this track focussing on keeping it interesting all the way through and just making it a real quality track that i can be proud of.

What does it sound like? I guess a combination of At The Gates sort of riffing and In Flames style melodies, but I tried to make it sound original. What do you think? C4C just post a link

that really nice, i like the awesome riffs but is it just me or solos sound out of tune?
If it wasnt for the shitty drum program, this song would be even better then it already is.

I love the As I lay dying style riffs after the intro. Guitars sounds great, really no downsides except for that the terrible drums. The clean part is a little random though, some parts sound a little out of place. AND you could work on tuning your guitar a little better. The riffs are very nice though. There really is no structure, but thats alright it still sounds good. You have a nice amount melodic harmonized riffs but its also balanced out with solos and thrashy riffs. Nice work.

Would you mind checking out my song and giving it a review? its not even closed to finished yet, but i decided to upload it anyways.

Lead and Solo work, the guitar sounds a bit out of tune compared to the rhythm guitars. Also, the drums could make this a much better song. Look into EZDrummer if you can, or Steven Slate Drums for affordable and great sounding drums. The structure is a bit structureless in a way but I like that about it. The clean part I won't say is random, it didn't catch me off guard too much - I think it will depend on how vocals are structured before that.

Pretty good song, main thing just being the slight tuning issue, and drums. Other than that its pretty solid.
Lascaille's Shroud

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The writing is pretty damn good. Your riffs are really catchy and interesting. Some of the guitar tracks sounded out of tune, and the drums aren't great, I mean the drum lines you wrote are sick, but only if you had EZdrummer or Superior Drummer this song would sound 100x better. Great riffs and a nice composition, but the recording quality dragged this great piece of music down.

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