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Are JCM2000 DSL or TSL amps any good? I've noticed a few kicking around eBay for £500ish, what are the differences between DSL and TSL's? I'd be playing hard rock (GN'R, Aerosmith, Led Zep etc.) and I'd be using mainly a Gibson Les Paul Studio. I'd also want it for gigging. The TSL is 60 watts, the DSL doesn't state what wattage it has.

A lot of people around here don't like them.

I absolutely love mine, Both would be great for what you want to play.

The DSL is two channel, the TSL is three channel. The DSL is a touch darker as well
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Thanks! What one would you recommend for the genre I play? I'm also in a hard rock band, and we do a couple of ballads so a clean channel is needed as well as an overdrive
DSLs are 50, and 100 watts, TSLs are 60 and 120 watters.

Dont want to be a dick, but wrong sub-forum. Look "Guitar Gear&Accessories" or 'GGA'.
I played one in a pretty big music store outta town. M'fraid to say I couldn't get a tone I liked out of it no matter how much tweaking and knob turning I tried. It just never seemed to pack a punch and have that beef and thickness to it that other amps have.
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From what I've heard the DSL's are more aimed at Modern Rock while the TSL's were a foray into metal territory by Marshall.

From what you've described it sounds like a DSL would suit you better but I'm not sure it would be ideal.
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I've had the DSL401 and I've been looking at the 50 and 100 heads as well as the TSL100. Not found any in good contion yet but I've tried a fair few.

Basically the DSL line is a little bit more classic Marshall. It's not a Plexi copy or anything like that of course but it's got that more rounded top-end and thick lower-mids that Marshalls are known for. It's got enough gain for classic metal but it wouldn't do thrash or death metal. Cleans are really nice and smooth.

The TSL has more gain available and the distorted tones sound a little harsher. It's kind of like they tried to cross a Marshall with a Mesa head. It's not a super-brutal death metal amp but it's a little more metal than most Marshalls. The clean tone sounds a little more compressed too. It's not quite as harsh and cheap-sounding as a SS/tube hybrid but it doesn't have the full round tube tone either. Imagine a 80% tube, 20% solid state hybrid. That's the kind of tone the TSL has.

If you imagine a Fender Bassman or Marshall Plexi as a total vintage amp, then there's the Marshall Vintage Moderns, then the late 80s and early 90s Marshalls, then there's the DSL, then the TSL, then a little further on you've got the warmer style of Peavey and the Mesa Triple Recto, then the ENGL and the Dual Recto and that kind of totally modern metal amp. That's how the DSL and TSL fit in the grand scale of vintage to modern amps. DSL is right in the middle between classic and modern and the TSL is just a tiny step more towards modern.

For the tones you list the DSL will be the better fit. The DSL50 has slightly thicker midrange and the DSL100 has slightly more bass to it. Either would do, the 50 is slightly more on the GNR/80s side and the 100 is a little bit more on the Led Zep/70s side.
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