Worried about
How to learn bass guitar

If you want to learn bass guitar
And are thinking how to learn
Spambot spambot spew and churn

How to learn bass guitar
First, think how to learn
Stew in the mind so the rhythm won't burn

Don't play the thing
That would be work
Alone in your room like a jerk
To the Stooges, Fugazi, the Minutemen, Primus
Parliament, Pastorius
How the rhythm men time us

McCartney's okay
And I left out Charles Mingus

But anyone
Learning bass from a spambot's
A dingus
Nothing to see here. Move along.
Quote by beatreebor
this makes no sense. i like it though. ha.

I second that
Shortly before I posted this, a spambot posted spam about how to learn bass guitar and was quickly reported and locked. I thought it was funny. That is all.
Nothing to see here. Move along.