Hi guys,

I recently fault awful pains in my left wrist and lower arm (I'm a leftie!) when gigging on Saturday. Went to the Doctors on Monday and he examined my playing technique; air guitar style, and discovered that when I play, I cut off the blood to my wrist and arm in two places... Not good, eh?

Now, I play guitar primarily, but picked up bass a few years ago as another string to my proverbial bow, with Billy Sheehan being my Bass playing hero... I learned my technique from watching videos of him play.

Now, I've been told to either change my technique, or wear wrist support whenever I gig... and when I thought about it, Billy wears wrist support...

Is this a common trait? or should I be changing technique A.S.A.P!?


He'd most likely wear wrist supports because he's playing for so long, not really because of his playing style. I'd advise you change your technique asap. Lower or raise your strap depending on how you're cutting off the circulation.
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That may not be a wrist brace. A lot of guitarists and bassists wear terry cloth sweatbands on their wrists to capture sweat before it runs onto their fingers and makes playing difficult. I think you'll find playing with a wrist brace very difficult and very, very uncomfortable.

I'll wager you're arching your wrist when you play; probably quite severely. See how Billy keeps his plucking hand higher on the bass so his wrist doesn't bend nearly as much? It takes getting used to, but it makes a world of difference. You might also find that it allows you to play faster.
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FatalGear has pretty much nailed it. I also suspect you are wearing your bass too low and need to pull the neck up higher and less parallel.

Don't wear a brace to counteract bad form. You're just bandaiding the issue. Change your form and your hands (and probably your shoulders as well) will thank you. Wrist surgery is not fun.