Im looking for a good sounding amp, i love all the features on these amps, ( But the Roland will require me getting some pedals) I personally prefer the line 6 spider iv 75 with all the features and presets.

i like to play Metallica, Iron Maidenl, GNR, so what are your thought's, im on a £300 budget, i woul prefer if you have used these amps
yea the vypyr should be better than both those take a look.
Hmm yeah ive heard great things, im looking at the VYPER 75 at the moment, it has stomp boxes such as the tube screamer Kirk Hammet uses, but im not quite sure how all this works, could someone please explain to me how to stomp box, and does it have channels so i can switch with a footpedal so i can play live music.

Also Whats the difference between pre and post gain, and are you sure this is very diverse and could sound like these artists ( Metallica, GNR)
preamp is stuff before the distortions (boosts, wah, etc)

post gain is stuff after the distortions (delays, phasers, etc)

this is not a hard fast rule

to switch amp models you would need the Sampera footswitch (propriatary)

i have some rudimentary clips in my profile of the Vypyr 60
Ahh thank you for the info, soo generally Peavey make the best Modeling amps all round? But you have the 60 Watt Tube amp, Should i go for this or the 75 watt , which i dont think is a tube?
Get the cube.
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the 60 is better yes the 75 is all solid state. If you can afford the extra price then go with the 60
The Spider 4 is better than the 3 in my opinion but Vypyrs are way better.

You won't have any trouble getting those tones from any modeling amp, honestly. They're basic Rock and Metal tones. The Vypyr can get pretty heavy. I've played a 30w version and it sounded way better than any Line 6 Spider I've ever heard.
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