My high e string broke about 10 days after i bought it.
I've changed strings about 10 times already and it always stood up for 2-4months.
it seems that the string broke in the machine head place in the head of the guitar.(while usually somewhere around the high frets were its all rusty)
any ideas why?
BTW, I'm changing the high e string now and i want to keep the other strings for later but they all come in 1 package,do you know someway to preserve the strings?
Fast fret helps them last longer.
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Could easily be a manufacturing defect. I usually buy several extra high E strings regardless as they're usually the first ones to go, although it's been several years since I snapped a string from playing.... Also, "somewhere around the high frets were its all rusty"?!?!?
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Quote by gregs1020
Fast fret helps them last longer.

you dont say what make or gauge (or the forum police ) not let you i found on my fubar strat that if i used 9 e.b ss. i would snap the e or b after a few hours upted the nut to a graphite and used 10,s roto..on now for over a month and still rocking strong..
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the strings are didario 0.09 in my sg-400 guitar.
what about preserving the strings that i bought?(bought a set and im going to put only the high e string) i would like to wait a while before ill change them(its a shame to change a week old strings)
I've had them break as i put the on before. It's always best to buy 2 or more sets at a time. You can also get single strings from some places.
What kind of guitar is it? Sounds like the work of inferior components.
Clean the rust. Steel wool 0000 will make those frets sparkle, but you may need to use 000 first to get the rust off.

Maybe there's a small bur in the machine head? I don't know if you're doing the simple wrap around thing, or the pull though itself thing, or if you have locking tuners. Strings do break though, I've had many bad strings in my life, especially the high E.

As far as making strings last goes, just put them away out of the moisture in a drawer or something. If it makes you feel better, put them in a ziplock bag.