Hey folks, I'm a metal/acoustic artist, i've been working hard the last year or so getting my producing and writing skills to a par, or standard that i'm happy with. At the moment i'm completely solo but i'll be looking for band memebers real soon (australia, adelaide) I use a 7 string guitar and try to write as original content as possible, i'm also a graphic designer so i've designed my album front/back as well as come up with a tracklist for my theme, I have plenty of demos out on my page and my album is in the works as we speak and will be releasing hopefully a single soon, all i'm really looking for is people who enjoy the same stuff as me and will be interested in this.

If you are please check out my page for art, demos and updates


if you like it, that'd be amazing but even if you don't i'm glad you've checked it out.


PS: Also any band name suggestions i'm certainly open for them at this time, it's so tough!