Have you ever had a sunburn that was so uncomfortable that it blistered and when you stayed in one position for too long it felt as if leather was being pulled from both directions?

this is happening to me now again.

Over my ban i was covered in 3rd degree burns and just recently got over it.

And now its on top of my head because i got a hair cut. Fellas this stuff hurts something fierce.

Any remedies
Had to go to the ER to get morphine shots for a sunburn once. My shoulders were one big blister. I know how you feel, brah

Buy some "Aftersun". Helps against the pain.
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I'd been going for a month or so.

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And that's why you should wear sunscreen.
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Are you planning on getting more sunburns?

3rd degree burns from just sunburns? I'm fairly certain that's not possible.
Semen is actually pretty good for sunburns
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im not planning on it, but it always happens.

I work outside all the time and sunscreen is wicked coin

more coin then these ridiculous remedies? preventative measures ftw.
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I don't burn
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Well you've learned your lesson I guess. Always use some sunblock, haha.
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Banned because f*ck you Hebriqui.
I'd been going for a month or so.

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oh **** you
Unfortunately you're gonna have to tough it out. Aloe Vera is supposed to help. If it makes you feel any better the pain gets significantly less noticeable after the first two days. I have only gotten sun burned once in my life(I'm black) but it was painful.

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After download 09 my face was literally bleeding all over due to sunburn and my nose was red for like 3 months afterwards. Weird, since I was pretty much outside for a whole week in Cyprus a couple of weeks ago and the little sunburn I had has gone now. Maybe the metal burned me.
Of course aloe is the go to remedy. I have used green tea bags before for really bad burns and it worked wonders. I also heard of people rubbing yogurt on their sunburns. Apparently it keeps your skin cool while hydrating the skin at the same time.
Yogurt seems to do the trick. Slap some on there and let it settle.

Disclaimer - Do not eat that yogurt afterwords.
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1)Get some distilled white vinegar
2)dump a reasonable amount in a bath
3)soak in the bath for an hour.
5) No pain!

Nothing can really help the peeling once you have started, but if you get home from getting sunburned and soak that night, the pain will be cut to like 15% of what it should be, and the peeling won't be quite as bad either.

Edit: Forgot about aloe. Every 2-3 hours, you need to be slathering that shit on.
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I wanna know how to prevent this because when they pop its miserable

Okay i know im not gonna be the only one who says USE SUNSCREEN but I'm a hypocrite and i never use it myself. However, im Nicaraguan so when i burn i just tan two days later. Last time i did get burned however that same day i went home and put aloe immediately on the burn, multiple times. Also, if you can get your hands on any silvadine, that would be choice, i have some and thats the shit they use on burn patients. It doesnt really help with pain, but itll help the burn go away faster.
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I'm really white and I've never tanned, I just burn, even with sunscreen on. True story, I went to Florida when I was 7 or 8 and I didn't get sunscreen around my eyes, and the sunburn kind of looked like blood running down my face from my eyes.

EDIT: We have an Alavera plant at my house, so if it's really bad sometimes I'll use that.
sunbather is shit
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After Sun helps quite a bit. It stops your skin from contracting and feeling really tight too, which certainly helps.

EDIT: My girlfriend burns something awful. She cakes on factor 50 all day and still gets burnt.
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Aloe vera lotion, moisturizing cream, benadryl cream, benadryl syrup.

That's what I use. Helps alot, still hurts though. Sunburns suck ass.
Aloe Vera gel straight from the fridge - soothes the pain, and moisturises the skin.

I never really burn in the UK, but when we visit my inlaws in Barbados I've been caught a number of times, despite using high SPF sun block. Aloe gel even works a treat when the skin is blistered.
Get a shit load of vaseline and lube up
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Had to go to the ER to get morphine shots for a sunburn once. My shoulders were one big blister. I know how you feel, brah

same man, it covered literally all of my shoulders, they started of as little ones they morphed into a giant one, worst pain, but i was stuck in florida and my dad said " go on a rollercoaster, it will pop them all" and it did! pain free!
I remember when I was in Dubai, and we decided to go watch the Dubai Open tennis tournament, since we had nothing planned that day, I was like, I'm brown, I won't get burnt, turns out I'm not brown enough not to put on sunscreen just put sunscreen on next time dude, it's worth it, trust me.
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get aloe
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Couldn't walk my legs got burnt so bad.
Wasn't hospital bad, but hurt like f*ck whenever I stood up


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Use Aloe Vera gel, spray-on Solarcaine, and sit in front of a fan.
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Put some white vinegar in a spray bottle. it sounds like it would sting but it takes the pain right away. I was skeptical when I first heard of it thinking it's some dumb old wives tale but I now keep a bottle in my shower
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