Only a couple months after getting my Super-Champ XD, It appears I have blown a Power Tube.

When I turn on my amp, I am getting popping and buzzing coming out the amp speaker, and you can see the power tube creating pops of light when ever the I hear to pops.

Fender's Specs say the Power tubes are 6V6, and the one Preamp tube is a 12AX7, so would anyone recommend a good replacement tube? I am probably going to retube all the tubes, just to get a clean start.


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For the 6V6, definitely JJ. JJ 6V6's are wonderful, the best thing that JJ make. I have done a back to back test in my 5F1 Champ between a JJ and a Brimar and there was nothing in it really. And Brimars are one of the best valves the world has ever seen.
A NOS 12AX7 from Germany, Holland, Britain or America is the best way to go but a JJ would sound good in there as well.
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+1 on the JJs Cath

Does this amp have a headphone jack?

Popping and buzzing could be a tube pin arcing. Try some contact cleaner on the tube pins. It could also be a microphonic preamp tube so you could always try swapping that out first.