Just a quick recording of probably my favorite "Rocker" the band has put out in the past two records. I've got it up on Youtube (link below), Audio gets briefly out of sync a couple times but nothing major. I played a mix of the Alex and Jamie's parts throughout (mostly the lead). Will definitely do Crit 4 Crit, just drop me a link in your reply.


If you have a youtube acct, subscribe and I'll sub back!

Equipment Used:
Guitar: ESP LTD EC-400VF
Amp/Interface: Focusrite Saffire 6 (W/ Guitar Rig 4)
Audio Mixing: Audacity
Video: Nikon Coolpix S80
i hadn't heard the track so i gave it a listen before listening to your cover, and your parts are pretty much spot on. you go out of tune one or two times with bends but in general its very good. your tone is great, its just not the same as the record though. the song has this jangly tone to it which i really liked while your tone is pretty thick. dont be afraid to turn the treble up a bit and give it some bite! 8/10
good as always !!!! suubed ! :]
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Sweet sounding cover man, this is real solid and such a sweet tone, haven't heard the original so i will just go by your cover. a couple of bends weren't on pitch exactly but your sweet tone made up for it. Subbed and Liked!

shir - Thanks alot. Always looking forward to more videos from you as well .

TheAscendant - Thanks alot man. Yeah I wasn't totally happy with some of the bends ,mainly the 1/2 step bend at the beggining of solo. Could've done a little better there for sure. Yeah I tend to spend alot of time just messing around with getting different tones in Guitar Rig (In turn, not getting much playing done lol).

Anymore feedback definitely appreciated. Just drop me a link and I'll check out yours as well!
I'm not a big artict fan, but this is a song I really enjoy.
Pretty spot on, I liked the recording, the tone sounded cool

Very good cover and nice song choice.
First, awesome tone, really, really awesome. As I understand, you made it with Guitar Rig 4, right? More impressive for me, I can hardly can make something good with GR I have no notes about the playing, I think your bends fit pretty well to the song. Great stuff! Ill sub.


Sound great, no complaints here.
I think that I've never heard that ESP model before, but it sounds great. Maybe a little too rich for a Arctic Monkeys cover, but now I'm nit picking
Your lead sound is pretty good, the lead work could maybe use some tightening up.
I commented on your vid, and subbed with my other channel xD

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