Hey guys..I have a peavey Vypyr 30 right now. I like it, but it sounds a bit muddy...i don't know how to explain it. Anyways, Im looking to buy a new amp. It doesn't have to be a modeling amp, I just want something decent and a good deal. My price range is about $300-$350..which amps should i look into? BTW I like to play metal, but I also need something with a nice clean channel too.

Thanks for the input!
Muddy tone is usually a side-effect of too much treble and bass combined with not enough mids. Care to list your settings?
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Save the cash. You're not really going to get an upgrade from your amp with that amount. Wait til you have $600-700.
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check out the fender super champ xd, $300, tube amp with 16 voices on the second channel including several metal voices. and the all tube fender clean on the first channel is fantastic. It's only 15 watts, but tube amps can get pretty loud even with lower wattage.
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The best metal stuff comes in head and cab form usually.
For your budget you may come accross a peavey ultra combo if your lucky or a head but obviously you'd have to save for a cab. These would do what you want.