We are a thrash metal band based in North Virginia, not far out of Washington D.C. and we really need of a thrash singer and could very much use another guitarist. We have recorded 5 songs so far and plan on recording 4 more in the next two months. So far our guitarist covers the singing, but we plan on doing live shows and need a good singer and another guitarist to split lead and rhythm. We have about 15 songs written already, but aren't opposed to any new songs or ideas, completed or not, so long as we feel they fit the style of the band. However, new members should be ready to have their ideas worked on if necessary.

We are looking for a singer that can hit pitches but still has a thrashy voice (think Testament, Forbidden, Time Does Not Heal-era Dark Angel, Stone). Does not have to be able to write lyrics, but never hurts to be able to.

We also need a guitarist who can play fast and accurately. They don't need to be able to play lead, but it's a plus. They also don't need to be able to write anything but, again, it wouldn't hurt.

Everyone in the band is 19 turning 20 so it'd be best to have 18 - 23 year olds, but we could work it out with anyone if needed.

Anyone in the NoVA, Washington D.C. area interested, contact us at ngthrash@gmail.com or private message me