Hey guys, just been paid (HOORAH) and because my bass amp doesn't have a DI out (an old HA2500) I was looking for a DI pedal. Preferably with distortion, but could do without. I have seen a Dave Halls VT1-EQ-DI and an MXR DI+ for about £100 on eBay, and not sure what one, if not, any alternatives?

Wanting a sort of rocky grity sound out of it.

Cheers Bass Bros

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I haven't played on the Dave Halls, but I know for a fact that the MXR is a great box. I don't really find the need to buy pedals but that one is one I may eventually invest in because I like it so much
I own a VT1 EQ-Bass-Drive. Cost £149 new (plus if you email Dave, he'll paint it however you want!). Well worth it. It's very much a valve overdrive- a bit of dirt, but not too much that you lose definition.

It's a good, solid metal chassis, well labelled, solid knobs and fixings... takes a lot of abuse. I pretty much use just the VT1 live, and in practice use it as a preamp into a power amp. Over the moon with mine, and for the little extra, I'd get one direct from Dave- unless that one on ebay is one of the ones he sometimes puts up cheaper to drum up interest.