Just been working on it, and tell me what you guys think. Drumming is a little to basic haha. (sorry not a drummer)
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You know, riding and riding the same god damned tritone kind of makes it lose it's effect after the first five seconds.
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It wasnt all that bad actually. It is a lil bit repetative though. And also the drumming thing ahah, some of the drum parts were sooo awkward :P
The drums are unbelievably boring, and they can't be if you're going to be this repetitive. Even with vocals, this would have no drive. It gets much better when the guitars start actually doing something, and that tapping bit is actually decent.

The bit at 59 is just terrible, I'm sorry. The whole thing is just awful after that. The tempo change just made that whole section painful to listen to. The first half, I think can be salvaged with better drums. I've made a starting attempt to improve the drums.

Hate to be so harsh, really. Keep trying; you'll get better. And I know you said you're not a drummer- but try to do better drum parts. Just try, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. It's better than writing bland, boring parts that the listener can tell isn't what the composer wanted for the piece. I'm not a drummer either. But that doesn't mean I don't know what I want from the drummer for whatever part I write.

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I don't really know what else to say than this sounded like a joke song. The troll song they made on here was better. You'll get better with time fortunately.
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Them tritones are ****ing br00t4lz.

No, but really there isn't really much I can say about this song. It's pretty solid (besides the drumming), it's just boring and extremely generic. There is nothing special about breakdowns, they all sound the same and it's about time to stop concentrating on them in writing music.
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This was actually quite ok until 59 (breakdowns, why some people put breakdowns into their music?). It's basically metalcore (or deathcore?) and as usually the songs (that sometimes have decent riffs) are ruined by breakdowns.

Ok, that was my personal opinion of breakdowns. I think you should make the song faster (fix thos drums!) and it may sound interesting.
After 59, i was messing around really haha. ill change it, I usually do all the cool sounding shit. Though it sounds to technical, so i tend to back away from it. I will admit 59 and on does sound gay like a cheap hooker. The break downs by the way, have growling as well. I said break downs, because in my opinion break downs gets the crowd pumping.
Its kinda boring.. The riffs need more variety. In one part of the song, you use 6th power chords (the 01 chords), then later on you use tritones with the EXACT same rhythm. Speaking of tritones, you went a little overboard with them..

But, the riff at bar 28 and the tapping bit it bar 40 were sick.

I saw where you said earlier that breakdowns get the crowd pumping, which is usually true. But when the ENTIRE song's a breakdown.. Different story..

I'd give it a 2/5. Its too repetitive, but with some work you could have a badass song here.
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