Ok guys, so I'm about to make an attempt at my first pedal build, and I'm starting simple, kind of a Distortion+ kind of like a tribute to Randy, anyways I've got a pretty unique idea for the paintjob on the enclosure, what I want to do is paint his famous "yellow polka-dot's on black background" idea all over the enclosure, then possibly if theres enough room, put the little RR symbol that's on the truss rod of the Jackson RR V's in between the LED and foot switch.
So how would I go about painting this? Just black spray paint then does it matter what the yellow paint is? Or should I get some kind of special paint for this?
Thanks for all the help I can get for this.
You should paint the whole thing yellow then put little circle stickers on top and then spray it black. When it's all dry you remove the stickers. Voila!