hi guys,

just thought i'd spread the word about my band, Heavy Smoke. We try not to go for any particular genre, but our sound is comprised of hard rock, metal, punk and a tiny bit of funk in some of the songs.

our main web presences are at:

www.facebook.com/heavysmokeband and

we've uploaded a coupla songs off our new E.P. The quality isn't perfect, but we're a bunch of impoverished misfits so we make do with what we can. lol
At the moment we're trying to sell the E.P and flog it to record companies. We're gigging fairly-regularly in Glasgow, Scotland, but we want to branch out and go for a U.K tour before the year is out.

a huge thanks to anyone who checks us out.

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Dopamine is sick! I liked you guys on facebook (name is Pinchas Krupnik).
C4C on my band, please?

thanks dude! not sure what C4C means, but i checked out/Liked your Facebook page too. i love the rhythm changes in "Cry!" and the crazy wee descending riffs in "When We Forgot", awesome stuff!