I've decided to mod my Epiphone Worn Wilshire '66 and could use some ideas folks. I'm definitely upgrading the nut and all the electrics so that's a given. Where I'm lacking a decision is in the pickups.

The stock mini humbuckers are OK - but no more than that. I'm thinking to maybe put a Lollar mini humbucker in the bridge and am playing with a P90 in the neck. Anyone with experience of that combination? Also (pardon my piss poor lazy googling) would sticking a P90 in mean I'd need to re-rout /get a new scratchplate or would it drop into a mini humbucker rout?

All input appreciated, thanks.
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IIRC, P-90s are substantially bigger than Mini-humbuckers. Which would make mounting them in a Wilshire rather hard, especially if it has those top mounted ones, like a Firebird.
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