im in the process of getting logic pro and i dont want to do any definite recordings until i have that and a nice microphone but... for now im writing music on my acoustic guitar and i want enough full and well written songs to fill an album. pretty much what im focusing on right now is how well written each part is, whether it fits with the other parts, and the placement of each part in the song as they relate to the others.

any critiques on music from my reverb nation account are welcome however focus on "into orbit" for now


will c4c!
I like it man. Really classicy vibe to it. I don't think it fits very well on acoustic alone, sounds like it needs some distortion and backing instruments and what not but you said you weren't making intense recordings until you get that software.

Are you planning on adding vocals?

And here's my thread if you want to check it out.
im planning on adding anything and everything that will make it sound perfect including vocals.
Sound wise its really good you have a good tone and tasty phrasing. Structure wise you might want to simplify things a bit...also try dropping out the rythym once in awhile ie. not playing every chuck or muting the strings , that should add some more textures to the sound. But awesome playing man ur soloing is very clean.