tell me what you think (ik theres alot of spelling and grammar errors i just jotted this down fast, u get the idea) maybe give some suggestions to add more lines? thanks!

run away just as fast as you can
dont fall apart dont let them know
dont let them find you here
dont let this take you down
catch your breathe youll need it now

hide your face dont let it show
see what you have become?
bite your lip you fight this off
you dont really wanna know
everything that you hate
is everything that you are

its such a shame to throw this all away
on a life that we both know that you hate

come back to me
just come back to me
look inside and see
that theres more to be
I'll start by saying that I do like this, and I'll also agree with you that it needs more lines.

What you've written so far is really good so I wont make any suggestions except carry on where you left off, finish it, record it, and give us a listen.