ive been thinking about swapping the pickups in my epiphone g400 sg, as i cant seem to get a nice sound out of it thru my sunn. ive tried tons of different eq settings, but it sounds.....not right.

ive been considering a few different wiring configurations, and wanted some input.

first configuration would be keeping the current neck pickup (i barely use the neck anyway),
ditching both tone controls and putting 2 switches in the holes. one to coil tap the bridge pup, and either one to tap the neck, to select which coil of the bridge stays on (not sure how i could wire that... any ideas?) or a killswitch.

second would be removing the neck pickup, cutting a new pickguard to cover the hole, putting a killswitch where the pickup selector switch is, and putting a coil tap switch and a switch to select which coil in the two neck pickup control holes.

im looking to stay with a passive pickup if possible, i play hard rock/alternative, and some metal. any pup reccomendations?

as for the big muff, i plan to put in a flat mids mod, and change the tonestack to either a green russian or rams head tone stack. any other mods i should consider?

im putting some P-94 pickups into my G-400, my buddy has one with with them in, and it sounds great.
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I remember seeing a mod a while back for the muff (well the tone stack) that added an extra pot to determine how much the tone was scooped/peaked (or flat). Really versatile IMO.


The "Mid Control Mod" is mentioned half way down
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Personally, id keep the neck pup just because you may want it at some point. Your tastes may change etc. As for wiring id coil tap the bridge and put a killswitch in the other. If you barely use the neck then you'll probably use it less coil tapped. Just be sure to check that you have a 5 conductor pickup for coil tapping.

Oh, and for pickups, you can't go wrong with a duncan invader for metal. Its a bit much for rock but I don't own a guitar I haven't put one in at one point.
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I put a Duncan SH-4 in the bridge of my SG and it made it sound really good. I could never go back to the crap stock p/u's.
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Originally Posted by SGRocker400
thanks! i just did a flat mids switch for now, wanted to do a bit more research before tackling a tone stack change-not sure if i wanna do a russian or rams head tone stack
Resistors and capacitors are cheap as chips. Test both and choose what you prefer. Personally, I'd go for the Ram's Head but the Russian's tone stack is probably partially responsible for it's "creaminess", whilst the Ram's Head is more "velcro" sounding
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Parker Nitefly M
Sumer Metal Driver
Ibanez RGD2120Z
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