Who else plays with a wah constantly like I do? what are some of your favorite songs that include wah?

Tales of Brave Ulysses-Cream
Presence of the Lord-Blind Faith
Kirk Hammett does
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Kirk Hammett does

Came here to say that
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Kirk Hammett does

Dammit all, I only came in to say that
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The wah was my first pedal, which I bought, what?, four months ago. Dunlop 535Q, same kind Santana uses. It's so AWESOME!!! I've got two songs I'm writing that both have wah parts in them.
Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy had to my ears the best Wha Wha sound ever. Kirk Hammet cites him as an influence.
Some of the Thin Lizzy stuff is brilliant. Listen to the Still Dangerous and Live adn Dangerous albums for examples.
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'You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
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You'll get the chance to put the knife in.'
check out the song Buzzard from a band called Armageddon (70s band fronted by ex yardbirds singer keith relf) it has a really cool wah riff throughout the song.
Slash's wah is sweet like on civil war adds so much atmosphere, i have a cry baby myself which is more dynamic but i barely use it unless it adds to the song/solo.

Mark tremonti also likes a bit of the wah! I love 'One Day Remains' for the use of wah on that (Alter Bridge).
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
Electric Funeral from Sabbath
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steve vai is the best with wah, the live version of the audience is listening was the best wah song I ever heard
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steve vai is the best with wah, the live version of the audience is listening was the best wah song I ever heard

vai doesn't even really need it, i think he's from a different universe!!!

slash's wah on "by the sword" is cool.
also anything by zakk wylde- mamma im comming home solo, no more tears solo

tom morrello uses it with extreme prejudice too! bulls on parade! wah wah chukka wah wah chukka chukka chukka!!!!
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