Hey everyone.

I´ve got a couple of questions that i would need help/ a second opinion on.

This weekend im going away on a caravan trip for 2-3 weeks, and i can´t bring my electric guitar. But i can bring my acoustic.

I will bring my mac aswell so i can get onto the net, so here are the questions.

1) I´m currently practicing alternate picking and sweeping runs on my electric, is it a good idea to practice this on acoustics? It seems much harder/since acoustics aint made/formed the same way will this help me?

2) I´m also going to practice fingerpicking, since lets face it, im awful at it. Any good suggestions on songs? Preferably acoustic ballads.

3) Since i got a acoustic im going to work on my acoustic style, i love guitarists such as John mayer, Jack Johnsson, Jazon mraz when it comes to this aswell as songs like Indescribabe (chris tomlin) . Could you give me advice on any good start of acoustic songs by these and any others similar acoustic players?

4) I was planning to practice ear training alot during these weeks aswell. I was gonna start of my intervals & chords on Musictheory.net and Musiclearningtools.com . Do this sound like a good method to get started or can i do anything else with greater results?

Thanks in advance guys, i appreciate it!
Whats a caravan (maybe cause im american but when i hear that word i think old wood wheel wagon with a merchant wearing a funny hat)


1) Yes, alt picking is awesome to work on without your electric, you will go back to it and barely be able to control your speed and power (since acoustic forces you to fret harder and hopefully you will gain some speed) Sweeping, not so much, the hard part about sweeping is the muting, which you cannot really practice on acoustic.

2) Kansas - Dust in the wind
GnR - Dont Cry
chase some tail, thank me later

3) I cannot, even though I do love some John Mayer blues and old jack johnson, just cant think of any song names.

4) Always start with intervals and the chords YOU will use a lot (G, D, C, E, Em, F, A, Am)
Caravan just showed up in my head, it could be the european word. In america it´s called an RV.

on the subject of 4. i use all kinds of chords. And in all different keys. So that would be hard.
TS, play the first song on my profile, "concerning hobbits". It's a great beginner fingerpicking song, and really fun to play. If you want to learn it, look for the guitar pro tab, it's pretty simple, but if you don't know fingerpicking, it's really tough (and rewarding!)

It was my first fingerpicked song.

For acoustic in general, look up the tab for Hanuman by Rodrigo y Gabriela. Great song to play.
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