So I bought a Taylor 814 recently, and I wanted to know what string would be a good combination for my Taylor and at the same time make it less bright.. i've been listening to alot of youtube covers of strummed songs and they're all literally lower than my Taylor. any tips? My Taylor has elixers (obviously, they came with the guitar)
Usually uncoated strings in general tend to sound a little less bright than their coated counterparts, at least in my experience. Elixirs are also pretty well known for being bright in general, and staying that way due to the coating.

I would reommend a good set of 80/20 strings, Martin SP if you want a recommendation. They might sound brighter right when you put them on, but after a day or two of good playing, they mellow out into a few warm and deep tone. If you can get past the first two days, I think you may find that you like what they do for your guitar.
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