Is there any free software out there that I can create drums on and export it was a wav file?
Hydrogen is another one, I don't know if you can export it as wav though, as I haven't used it in a while.
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thanks I'll look at both of them.
I have been using fruity loops studio 9 but the damn thing is complicated.
Everyone always wants free..

Well if you want something free, son, you're going to have to do it the old fashioned way and steal. I'm not a moral high-grounder who is going to point a finger at you and say you're going to burn in the pits of hell forever for doing it.

You are going to have to take a risk, though. From time to time a software pirate is caught and generally they are handed excessively heavy fines, like hundreds of thousands of dollars, and usually a bit of prison time (a couple of years.)

Look it up...

Anyway the chances are slim and that probably won't happen. 1:100 million.

So it's a slight risk.

The other risk is viruses. You can be an idiot and d/l it to your Win 7 system that you use for your banking and to enter your social security number on sites to pay your parking tickets or apply for college (which I bet you've done...)

...or you can dual-boot and select XP or Linux, or some other system on your partitioned hard drive and let the small partition with the OS you never use get the virus.

And then you open up Win 7 (or whatever) and use the software you stole!

...want free shit? That's how you get free shit. It aint legal, it carries risks, and if you believe in a higher power/morals then you just might end up frying in the furnaces of Hell for eternity.

Or you could buy something. EZ Drummer is about $100. Basic Rock/Pop kit is pretty good.

$100 too much for you? Well, friend... no honor among thieves!
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best bet is samples found online + a sequencer.

both can be found easy for free and if you can eq can sound better than sd and ad and what ever else is popular on those midi drums programs...

*assuming you edit velocities and all that fun stuff
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let me rephrase that bubonic, SHAREWARE, i don't pirate. Just wanted a simple software that can help me with recording that does more than a simple beat than my zoom pedal does.
Something that everybody uses, that requires no purchase, and was developed free for the public users, hope I clarified that up.