I am planning to splurge on a 12 string after this summer, and I can't decide whether I want an electric 12 string or an acoustic one. I was originally planning on purchasing an acoustic one off craigslist. I found an alvarez AJ60SC12 on craigslist for 500$, but I as going to see if I could offer more like 425$ or something, but then I found out about rondomusic. Right now I've been eyeing an agile al-3100 12 string http://www.rondomusic.com/product2059.html, which will only cost about 420$ and that's brand new. I can't figure out what I should do. I love electrics, but I occasionally like to play without an amp. Will a 12 string electric sound awful without an amp. the only 12 strings I've tried have been acoustics, and I loved them, but an electric 12 string brand new that looks beautifull and also is inexpensive is tempting. What should I do? How are electric 12 strings in general? Any input to help me decide either way is appreciated.
Find a 12 string Ovation Balladeer (USA made), or smilar. They play and sound great both plugged and unplugged. Its about as close to an electric feeling neck you will find on an A/E guitar.
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Well; Roger McGuinn of The Byrds made a career out of an electric 12-string (and some would say he helped make the sixties with it), but unless you're in a cover band doing Led Zep or Byrds tunes, I think you'll be better off with an acoustic or an acoustic-electric 12-string. Electric 12-string guitars are nice, but even Roger went back to an acoustic 12-string in his post-Byrds years (and now plays a hybrid 7-string made for him by C.F. Martin). It is also easier to find strings for an acoustic 12-string than for an electric one.
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I've had/played a 12-string since the mid-60's. I recently broke down and got an electric 12. To my tastes and preferences; ya can play most anything on an acoustic 12; but an electric 12 is somewhat limited in what sounds good on it.

just my $.02 tho