so im getting some money in a couple weeks and ive decided i want to swap pickups in mu Schecter from EMG HZs. Ive been thinking Dimarzio. The HZs dont have the clarity i need. It gets muddy for distorted single note lines and shred solos. Ive been thinking the Tone Zone in the bridge and Evo in the neck i played a Charvel with this set up and i loved it. How might the tone be different from the Charvel? How different will they be from the HZs? I play all kinds or rock like Escape The Fate, Breaking Benjamin, some Vai instrumental pieces and shred classical stuff. Anything that might be a better fit? Thanks!
I had a Jackson DXMG with EMG HZs in it and I swapped them out for an ol' Jon Petrucci combo of a D-Sonic in the bridge and Air Norton in the neck. Sounded absolutely killer for anything.
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I have the tone zone in the bridge and it's great, but not the best for metalcore. Not "tight" enough of a sound, IMO. I recently played the vai signature JEM with evos in all three spots, and maybe it was the amp I used (peavey 6505) but it was really hard to get a decent tone out of it.
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Evo are great pickups for the shred but nothing else IMO.

SD Distortions are good I've them in a my strat.
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well im not going to be playing metalcore. Im looking more in a Three Days Grace direction with some instrumental shred and softer stuff. More along the lines of Vai's Lotus Feet.
Evos are sorta like SD Invaders. They only sound good in certain guitar and even then don't sound all that great lol
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The Tone Zone can get muddy pretty easily. I'd go for a D-Sonic and Liquifire combo. I prefer the D-Sonic to the CrunchLab, its a bit more versatile.
i'll look into the D-Sonic. if it helps, i play mainly in Eb and drop C# tunings. i use the rectifier model on the amp with the gain up to about 7. ive rolled it back some but i just dont get the exact tone i want but its close. I will look up demos for it though. havent got to play with the Liquifire either sadly
I have the Air Norton in my neck position and I really like it.. I think it's an excellent choice.
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So seems like i should check out the D-Sonic for the bridge and Air Norton for the neck. Any pickups that might work better that arent Dimarzio? im open to anything, but Dimarzio re kinda known for their clarity which is important to me, especially for sweeping and doing runs up and down the neck during solos. i dont. i need good usable clean tones as well. i do an even mix of clean and distorted stuff