I recently bought a yamaha audiogram 3 because the guy at my local music store recommended it for me mainly because that was the only cheap interface they had and I'm new to recording. For some reason I can't get any good guitar tone when recording through this. I've been recording demos for my band and we've been using a hollow body telecaster and a jaguar bass in garageband on my macbook pro. I'm just looking for any tips to get any better tone out of this thing or if I should just get a better interface.
Well you won't be getting much use out of it unless you have some sort of amp simulator. Examples of these are Amplitube or Guitar Rig, but many swear by the free ones that you can download online. I believe the R&R sticky has more info on that sort of stuff. My point is, don't just throw out your Audiogram yet. See if those VSTs work. And now that I notice it, you may want to find an alternative to Garageband. That's your limiting factor right there. Try Reaper out. They have a full trial that you can download on Cuckos' website. I suggest googling it.
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I have tried using the built in garageband vsts for guitar and guitar rig with garageband also and I still can't get anything to give a remotely decent tone for myself