The link sends me to a list my songs (not yours)... I'd change that.

Anyway, I love this sort of music so I found your page, and I'm liking it. Good job!
I listened to Your Time Has Come. I really like how the guitar it doubled, one with an effect one without. I also liked the part around :50 when the rhythm guitar is doing the epic chord changes and the other guitars are playing in each ear. I think this would sound really good with some Pink Floyd style vocals, slightly deep and menacing. I think you have a good start here.

i listened to a few and i thought round and round was the best. i really like what you do with phasing to the left or right earphone. everything sounds rather creepy but in a good way. your clearly into that which rocks. i thought some of the riffs got a little repetitive towards the end however. none the less it was a nice piece.

i got a song if you wanna crit that one