So i got this vintage 70's or 80's telecaster copy with no markings whatsoever except for "Made in Japan" on the neckplate. it's got a top-loading bridge (too lazy to google what it's called), attached tuners, a retainer bar, a single soapbar pickup, and a fret thing right at the top of the neck between the nut ant the first fret. (sorry for my stupidity in the description, I honestly don't know most of these technical terms for this guitar) Can anyone tell what it might be or if it's even worth anything from the pictures? By the way, it was 40 bucks and it sounds amazing, so it's worth something to me.
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It looks really nice

I know haha I like how it looks and sounds almost as much as I like real Tele's
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The guy i bought it from said he got it when he was a kid. As far as I know it's from the 70's or 80's. It has a real vintage vibe though. Oh by the way, it's the lightest guitar i've ever held if that information helps identify it at all.
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Oh, I almost forgot, it has a badge on it that says "Steel Reinforced Adjustable Neck" and the adjustment equivalent of the truss rod adjustment part is at the bottom of the neck. And the control panel cover is the same material as the pickguard. Sorry for double post
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Looks like a no-name Teisco/Silvertone from the headstock shape and retainer bar. That fret you're talking about is called a zero fret, it makes open strings sound like fretted strings so you don't have the timbre change between the two. It's a cool idea and I've always thought it should be implemented more in the industry.
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it does look like the pictures on google, although the top telecaster equivalent of a "horn" looks slightly different on mine. the headstock looks a little different too but that might just be the angle. Thanks, didn't expect to get an answer so quickly So any idea on the value?
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its worth about 50 bucks.
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