Hey guys!
I have a metal project that I just started not too long ago called Cross Pain. You can find the link to my music at the end of these words. It's my one-man metal project from Hamilton, Montana. I'm about 16 and I do all of the instruments, song writing, recording, etc. all alone. I don't have a very big audience at all and I'm really proud of my music and I wanna get it out there! Check out my stuff and I'll have a CD out shortly.

LINK: www.youtube.com/user/CrossPain11 (look in the Believer/Deceiver playlist)

Also, I had a one-man black metal project called Gurut. Check it out on YouTube! I don't know if I did this right, but whatever. Please check out my stuff!


With any inquires, reach me at swanke@live.com
Jackson RR24
Marshall JCM800 2203

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