So I'm going to college in the fall and Im looking to continue recording and whatnot while I'm there.

I don't want to bring an amp and mic it (like I'm doing now), so I was hoping for a DI box of some sort.

I already have a DAW and a decent laptop so I just need an audio interface with a decent VST? (Correct me if I'm wrong please!)

Could someone recommend something I could use to record and play electric guitar with, without requiring me to bring an amp with me?I have no problem just using headphones/speakers and whatnot, I just want to be able to record while at college.

Thanks for any help in advance!
M-Audio Fast Track US

LePou's Plug Ins
AcmeGigBar's Plug Ins
TSE 808 (Tube Screamer)
TSE X50 (High Gain Amp)
TSE X30 (High Gain Amp)
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i've been very satisfied with my Line6 ux3, but i don't have any experience to compare with other audio interfaces

the audio quality is very good, and the Pod Farm virtual amp that comes packaged is really good when compared to a solid state amp (doesn't rly hold up to a tube amp, but were you rly expecting it to?). comes with all the effects you could ever want a bunch you would haha.

headphone out, and monitor out if you want it. hope that helps!
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They should provide amps and recording interfaces, along with the computers and software (usually a Mac with Logic or simular)

Then again, there's always this http://line6.com/podstudio/

Never used it but I constantly hear high praise for it

I'm not going to school for music, so I doubt that.. and I want to be able to do it in my dorm room
buy a boss br600, its an 8 track recorder with a large amount of features, and a nice pair of headphones