Hey y'all been a while since i've been in the music scene but am bouncing back, i am looking to start any kind of band that can be made. i live in the south bay area.

need drummer, guitarists, bassists and whoever thinks they can make good sounds. you know who you are don't be shy now!

i am mainly interested in metalcore, melodic death metal mixed with techno-ish beats and blues solos. Lets get together and let the ideas flourish folks
Hey dude, I live in the UK and am currently in the same kinda situation as you, just came out of a band and am now doing a solo drum and bass/dubstep/trance/metalcore/melodeath but would really be interested in finding other people to collab with/make a band with.
If you're interested in like, jamming over the net or anything, maybe putting together a track or two I'm more than up for that
When I get home I'll send you a link to my page, playing a gig later :P

If you're interested I'll keep you updated
Peace out ^^
Gear List:
Schecter Omen Extreme 6
Epiphone SG
Jackson JS30RR
Some Random Shine Guitar
Bugera 6260 Head & Cab
Line 6 Spider III 75w
Indie Sky 10
Marshall mini amp thing
I'm a bass player and might be interested, i love prog metal and looking for committed musicians.