I just got my boss me 50 from my neighbour the other day(completely free! ) and im struggling to get patches for it! Its real hard! I have a patch for metallica and a authentic single coil guitar and tube amp sound its even harder because im running it through a line 6 spider iv 30 and i can make it close to a sort of bypass sound. its so noisy! could any of you state the settings for the following artists? -
Avenged sevenfold
Steve vai
Joe satriani
Parkway drive
August burns red
Plain metalcore tone
Djent tone - like icarus lives sort of
Jimi hendrix
Any other useful tones you'd like to suggest!

Please set it out like so

Tone modify -
Compressor - Sustain -
- Level -
NS -
Reverb -

Type -
Variation- on/off
Drive -
Bottom -
Tone -
Level -

Modulation. (if applicable)
Type -
Rate/key -
Depth/harmony -
E.Level/Resonance -

Delay. (if applicable)
Type -
Feedback -
Level -

type -