Okay well, I've been writing lyrics since I could pick up a pen. I've been playing guitar almost as long as that.
But lately i've realized my strumming hasn't...changed. Like, I mean in almost every song I write, and every cover I do, I do the whole boring DDUUDU thing. I think maybe it's because I learnt every single taylor swift song in existence [haters shuttup.] and that's the general strum for most of her songs [not putting her down, she's awesome]
Any ideas to get me outta this annoyingly boring habit?
Quote by killerkev321
How about listening and learning stuff from different bands more often?

Oh i do, I just had to learn all Taylors songs for a party I played at last weekend

But, I'm thinking of ignoring the country scene atm and learning some punk or something completely different to get me outta it