I got TWO Emg H4A Pickups I'm looking to sell. They have the gold "EMG HZ" logo. They both have alnico magnets.
They are in like new condition (they have not wear at all) with about 9 inches of wire more or less each. They have the quick connect cables.
They'll come with all the screws and springs only.

Make me a reasonable offer.

I prefer paypal as payment.

US only.

Here are pics:

Jackson DK-2 [2004 MIJ] (EMG 81/SA)
Jackson RR-3 [2007 MIJ] (EMG 81/60)
Ibanez RG370DX [2009] (EMG 81/60)
Epiphone Les Paul Custom [2004] (EMG 81/85)
Ltd/Esp M-17 7-String [2013] (EMG 81-7 set)
Bugera 333XL 120watt Tube Head, Crate BV412 Cab