This is a question in general about effects, which I have gotten into a bit more since buying a Spider IV, but I also have quite a few Boss single compact pedals.

I have some questions and the line 6 forum board has not responded at all, so I'll will give this board a post as well.

I have purchased a Line 6 Spider IV 120 combo with it's MKII Shortboard. And with the shortboard I am able to hook it up to my computer for easy effect editing. Also I am strictly a home player, nothing live or anything.

Since it has it's built in effects I have been curious about all the parameters of the effects, also the Pre and Post amp setting of the effects. What I can't really hear or maybe it is just too subtle for me to actually hear the differences is when changing some of the parameters. What exactly does moving an effect pre-amp or post amp do? And is there a good link of some sort of a guide on how effects "should" be setup. I know a lot of people have different opinions on where pedal "x" should be in front of pedal "y" and so on.

Here is a link to an addendum to the Spider IV manual which has a list of a bunch of effects which were added in the latest firmware.


Where I have problems hearing the differences is in things like "Square chorus" vs "analog chorus" and in the gain section "blue comp" vs "red comp".

Any insight or suggested readings would be greatly appreciated.

Side Note: If anyone could answer this one, how would I go about achieving the guitar sound of Silversun Pickups in the song "Panic Switch". Mostly the the guitar right after the opening riff, and the octave riff thereafter.

Thanks again everyone.
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Well, not speaking specifically about your amp... pre and post are where the effect is located in your "chain." Pre would mean placing the effect before distortion is applied, just like hooking up a pedal before your signal goes into the amp would act. Post is after distortion, which would be the equivalent of putting the pedal into an amp's FX loop. (Unless I've got this horribly wrong).
I definitely understand that much, my question or what I'm looking for is how this truly effects the sound.

Thank you though