Its been three years
And i still miss you
I keep your picture by my side

I always smile
When i see your face
I know everything will be alright


These memories wont leave me
Your beauty will not fade
Time may rip us farther apart
But i will awlays love you

and i pretty much got un-inspired at this point probably cause im super tired anyways
Tell me what you think
For a first time, it's okay.

But you can most definitely improve. Very very very cliche. It's something that's very hard to do with these types of songs.

Though in the chorus, the last two lines really stood out to me.
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I agree with the above.

It's a good start but is very cliche.

Heartbreak has got to be right up there near the top of most common topic for songwriting.

Therefore, if you want your work to stand out you've really got to try and lower the cliche and the literal and try a new descriptive point of view.
yes it is cliche but it is a good start for writing, agreed

speaking of pictures by your side check out the lyrics of Pictures Of You by the Cure
somebodys gotta be the bad guy, i guess. yes, it wasn't bad for a first timer, but saying "be less cliche" is the worst bit of advice because its so freaking vague.

let's look at your first verse: Its been three years/And i still miss you/I keep your picture by my side

these words make you seem weepy and pathetic, which the song is not, but it's all about how you say it. what grabs you about a lyric is never what is said, but what is implied. you left nothing to be implied.

when writing, consider your subtext, aka what is understood, not what is said. for starters, the line "i miss you" (in this context) is completely unnecessary and can be replaced with something else. don't worry though, the subtext will still make it clear that you miss her/him. it just doesn't need said.

instead of writing a verse that reads like a list:
-it's been three years
-i still miss you
-i keep your picture by my side

try and tell something more. use the words to say something more than just simple facts and emotions. because you can say "i love you," or you can descriptively say how much you care and what you'd do for a person.

didn't want this to come across as harsh, just trying to show you how to improve