Hey people. I'm the bassist in a prog/metal band called Versus The Collective. We draw influence form bands like Protest the Hero, Within The Ruins, All Shall Perish, Born of Osiris, etc.......

Check out these youtube vids and if you wanna C4C i'm down! Any and all CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated!

"Commandeer That Satellite!"

Laramide Orogeny

Vox Populi

Hope ya dig it!
The guitars are kind of lackluster it seems, the don't have any strength in the mix at all. Also, unfortunately I can't hear any bass work, feel like the low end on the bass and guitar should be beefed up. Vocalist isn't my style, screams have a lot of air inside them as do the growls, they don't carry much weight, seems like he needs to let air impact his throat more, almost like all of his breath escapes without hitting his esophagus. And the cleans are a bit out of place to me, don't mesh well.

It is produced very well though, sounds professional its just not my particular interest of music, so maybe what I said before is due to that. I didn't really get a Prog vibe from it that much, It seemed too straightforward for that.
Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


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And you will end because we demand it.
listened to commandeer the satellite, now I'll warn you its not my type of music (though i love prog) so im not best qualified to judge. However I liked the guitar, liked the drums, couldnt hear the bass :/, so turn up the bass guitar! also I prefer the backing vocalist to the actual vocalist! but like i said it aint my style. Also it seemed retty well put together, I saw dream theatre, opeth and a couple of other bands at wembley and I prefer you guys to the openeing acts so you must be doing something right think you could C4C 'the pressures getting to me' (on my profile)? as its the closest thing to you're style I've ever written. cheers
Thanks guys! I guess I forgot to mention that these recordings are from the 3 song demo we recorded a few months ago. Those recordings haven't been mixed all that great and no mastering has been done. We are currently finishing up the full length CD and should have it out in august. Here pretty soon we'll start promo'ing the hell out of it. Right now, we are just trying to broaden the fan base.

I appreciate the critiques! Thanks for listening.
Huge fan of all those bands you mentioned. Listening to "Commandeer That Satellite!" at the moment, and the first thing I can say is that the vocalist is amazing! This has the potential to sound REALLY HUGE if the production can be fixed up. Make the guitars more beefier and up front. Compress the vocals and make them shine. The song is really awesome though. I'll be hitting replay over and over again, honest. "Laramide Orogeny" has some incredibly tight playing, and the part at 1:03 where the melodic singing breaks into a dissonant crash is fantastic. Oh yeah, you should turn up the bass!

Thanks for checking out my music by the way! You guys have a new fan too.
Thanks Shawn! Like i said earlier. All of the fine tuning is being done and everything will be mastered when we release the full length EP. We should be releasing a brand new song in August as part of an online interview we are doing. I will be posting all that on here as soon as it happens! Thanks again for the time! Glad you're diggin it!
This stuff is pretty cool, can definitely hear the prog metalcore influences in this. As said before, the screaming vocals need work, the mid screams sound very wheezy, and the clean vocals could be mixed in better. If you want to take a more progressive approach to your music though, I would suggest spending a lot of time really going into detail with expanding your structure, as all your songs sound very straight forward. Really try and break away from conventional structures, and move your songs in different directions too, similar to the way Between the Buried and Me does.
Heres one of my songs for C4C, but its post rock so you dont have to: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1459787