Simply put, a Punk Rocker who happens to have a Conservative/Libertarian standpoint and outlook on politics. This is not an oxymoron because if punk is really against government then there's no way they can logically work towards communism because communism is basically where the government controls every aspect of an individual's life! Where's the anarchy in that, you brainwashed idiots?! While it's worth noting that some Conservative Punks are genuine neo-conservative right wingers, the majority of them have a very strong Libertarian tilt to their political ideology. Today punk kids are led to believe that communism is the way to be although they preach anarchy. Thus calling themselves, Anarcho-communists. However this makes no sense because of the fact that these two ideals lie on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Truly educated punks who adopt conservative/libertarian ideals know that they highly oppose the government are the true anarchists that try to push for smaller government.

Famous Conservative Punks include
Johnny Ramone
Lee Ving (Fear)
Members of the Vandals
Michale Graves ('Newfits, Gotham Road) (yes, the newfits suck, i know)
Bobby Steele (The Misfits, yes, the original misfits. the Undead)
Johnny Ramone was a racist and a shitty guitar player. That aside, the 'conservative punk' movement is stupid. You get people like Ben Weasel going around beating women. Is this what you are trying to tell us? "Hey, come be a neocon punk and let's beat up all of our women!"

I say no to your offer, sir.

Also, I have a feeling you have no clue what Communism is.
well a conservative to me is someone who wants to conserve what they (in my view wrongly) perviece to be good things. IE they're not going to go for a whole entire new government system, so they can't really be anarchists.