Hey, so I was reading through one of the threads about customization, and noticed a few people "scalloped" their fretboards.

I was wondering why someone would do this, and what advantages and disadvantages it may have?

I'm looking at building a couple guitars starting next week, so I'm curious if that would be something worth my time in playing with.

Thanks guys!
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it adds certain aspects of playability. most people will say it makes playing "harder" but its really just something to get used to. on the pro's it will let your vibrato become a lot easier to do. but overall its a preference of feel. one con i find from playing scalloped fretboards is that the high E slips off of the fretboard when u play which again is something to get used to.
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Its a bit of work. Mine took about 6 hours. You can do it fast with power tools, but I dont recommend that cuz you can make a big mistake really fast with power tools. Sometimes you can find a scalloped guitar at a store and try it out. I dont know if thats really useful or not, most people take more than a few minutes to adjust.