I mainly listen to just metal and blues, but now I'm ready to branch out into Jazz. What are some good Jazz bands/artists that are predominantly guitars? So far, I've found Al Di Meola and I'm really digging him, so who else is there?
Just a man and his strings..

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I also consider myself to be a jazz noob, despite having listened to quite some of jazz and not liking most of it. But, i do mainly like guitar jazz. Guys like Guthrie Govan (erotic cakes album), Chris Standring (that soft jazz on Soul Express album), Meola as you said (Casino and Elegant Gypsy are my favourite), charlie hunter is interesting to look at. These are my favourite from the top of my head...
You should look into Gypsy Jazz. Artists like, Django Reinhardt; Bireli Lagrene; Gonzalo Berga; Jimmy Rosenberg; Robin Nolan
Al Di Meola: fusion. Fusion is another word for "rock music goes jazz", so naturally there's tons of fantastic guitarists within this sweet lil' genre

Check out Allan Holdsworth, Chick Corea and/or Return To Forever (Al Di Meola was in that band by the way), Guthrie Govan, Dixie Dregs, Greg Howe, Eric Johnson, Mahavishnu Orchestra (that particular song features Jean-Luc Ponty: he's no guitarist but still, definetly worth checking out), Pat Metheny Group (or solo), Scott Henderson and Stanley Jordan

Oh, and make sure to check out Frank Zappa . The guy is probably best remembered as one of rock's greatest musical weirdos... and rightfully so (he did have an odd sense of humor), but most importantly he was a brilliant musician and composer who messed around with pretty much every genre you can think of, from doo-wop to rock to avant-garde classical music written for entire orchestras. The downside (if you can call it that) is that you probably won't like everything he made because he was really experimental, and you really have to do some "digging" into that vast musical catalogue of his if you're looking for some specific stuff like, say, the truly jazzy stuff. I would probably recommend skipping the early albums and check out anything released between Hot Rats and Sleep Dirt (and if you dig it, maybe some later stuff like Guitar and You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore vol. 2)

Trust me: if you have a hard time getting into it, that's fine, but if you do I promise this sh*t will keep you busy for years and years to come

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grant green's one of the only jazz guitarists i legitimately enjoy.


charlie christian obviously:


i also like quentin warren alright from a few jimmy smith albums i have:


i read the mother****er uses a strat. i guess solid bodies don't inherently suck for jazz after all. i guess it really is just the guitarists who suck.

i also like bucky pizzarelli:

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No love for George Benson?
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You need to check out John Scofield, he's one of the greatest. More of a funk/groove jazz, he's amazing. And he's got sweet lessons on Youtube. Listen to Uberjam by him.

Also, Pat Metheny is great.